How to search for CMPL’s latest books

newbooksOur library is ordering new books all the time. When you visit, often these books are displayed on the shelves for our benefit. But did you know you can search the card catalog for the latest books CMPL has acquired? You can even do this from home! When you go to http://www.orofinolibrary.com and click on the link for Card Catalog, it takes you to a search screen. It is simple enough to type in a title, subject, or author. You can refine this to limit your search to only our library with a simple drop down option next to the search bar. But I’m going to give you a link here that you can click on that will do a more advanced search. It will show you the latest books CMPL has acquired, starting with the newest first. Then if you like, you can reserve it for pick up right away!

Here is the link: http://catalog.valnet.bywatersolutions.com/cgi-bin/koha/opac-search.pl?limit=yr%2Cst-numeric%3D2014-&limit=homebranch%3ACMP&sort_by=acqdate_dsc&addto=Add+to…