CMPL Foundation’s new website launches this week

By Jo Moore

Although a work still in progress, the newly-formed Clearwater Memorial Public Library (CMPL) Foundation, Inc. plans to launch its new website this week.

It will be a means to let our readers gain more information about upcoming plans for library expansion; as well as news on what is happening at that copper-roofed building on the corner of A Street and Michigan Avenue!

For instance, we would like to make our website user-friendly and interactive. If you are an avid reader, we’d like to know what you are reading, if you belong to a book club already, or if you’d like to form one, as well as what kinds of books you are most interested in.
If you are a teacher, please recommend books to read aloud at home.

We will be publishing a survey by mid-March, in order to help determine the most important needs for our library of the future. We would like to have everyone as involved as possible, so be watching for it.

We hope, through our website, to let readers know what new books have arrived at the library, and which ones have been ordered and will arrive soon, as well as what the staff at CMPL are themselves reading these days.

There is already an established website for CMPL, but we hope to get our readers interested in both, as they will not be identical.

The one for the library publishes a monthly newsletter with its upcoming activities posted, plus its hours, and lots of other very important information telling what is available at the library. This website has been in existence a long time and is very easy to use!

We hope to let our readers know about new goings-on each week that are now available at CMPL.

The website for Orofino’s library: www.orofinolibrary.com

The website for the Clearwater Memorial Public Library (CMPL) Foundation is: www.messy-lunch.flywheelsites.com. You will see our new logo on each page. This new website is just in the formative stages, and will develop as it is used. Send us your ideas!

Forty-nine libraries

Did you know that our library is connected to 49 other libraries, and when you want to search for a book title, if our library in Orofino doesn’t have it on its shelves, the title may be found in any one of 49 other libraries across our region? Even better, it can be ordered free of charge and delivered to CMPL here in Orofino.

The only stipulation is that you must have a library card, but the card is free! Just go to the library’s front desk and ask for one.

This article was published in the Clearwater Tribune: http://www.clearwatertribune.com/news/community_news/cmpl-foundation-s-new-website-launches-this-week/article_a358d33e-e0a2-11e5-9a74-9770e9391dcc.html