Clearwater Tribune: So You Want to Be a Star?

The purpose of the video will be to acquaint the community and others with the need for more space in our library, as well as the need for new programs to bring Orofino into the technological demands of the future.

The first phase of the filming will be during the Story Hour to be held on Wednesday, Nov. 9, and possibly on Friday, Nov. 11.  Children will be shown listening to a cute story in a BIG book, read by the Children’s Librarian.

In order to depict the children in this vignette, permission slips will be signed by the parents, which will authorize showing of the video to the public.

Adult patrons who support the expansion project of the library are also being sought to “star” in little segments which will show the need for wider aisles, shorter book stacks, more computers, etc.

If you are interested in helping us with the fun project, please leave your name with any of the library staff, or call Jo Moore at 476-7570.

The Clearwater Memorial Public Library Foundation, Inc. (CMPLF. Inc.) Board is presently researching ways to raise funds to carry out the initial phase of the expansion of the present library, and looking for anyone with ideas or who is willing to help with raising of funds.

The cost of the initial phase of erecting the new building shell is approximately $225,000. and this amount needs to be raised before construction can begin. The total amount of the completed project and ensuing maintenance will reach over one million dollars.

The Foundation members appreciate very much the help and support of this community to help depict the library’s many needs. Please call this week if you or your children would like to help!