Memorial Fund Continues to Grow with Doug Crockett’s Name

Since establishing the Memorial Fund to honor the important people in our lives, the list that Clearwater Memorial Public Library (CMPL) maintains on its website continues to lengthen, with the latest being that of Doug Crockett, a well-known figure and an important asset to the library itself. Doug used his computer skills to keep the internet system going for the library staff for many years, and he could be seen often working on one problem or another to keep CMPL operating in its new technological age. Doug’s name will live on in the appreciation of his volunteer work there.
Along with Doug Crockett, the Memorial Board will include many citizens who lived and contributed to the life of the the Orofino community, including the following:

Memorial Honor Roll
Dave Braun,
Lois & Carroll Brock,
Lynn Card,
Alice Colfer,
Harry Cummings,
Shirley Finke,
Roger Fisk, Sr.,
Harry & Agnes Freeman,
Jeanette Gorman,
Keith Gwinn,
Eve C. Harber,
Richard, Jack & David Hathaway,
Gean Kilroe,
Lois Looms,
Mike McNichols,
Ray & Judy Mitchell,
Stan Pearce,
Ruth Pearce (early Librarian),
Harriet Reese,
Verdia Reggear,
Brent Richardson,
Pam Seiss,
Larry Sharrai,
Julius & Florence Shubach,
Gail Underwood,
Harry Walrath,
Robert & Vera Werner


Those who have contributed greatly to the welfare and success of CMPL and are being recognized by others include:

Kitty Geidl,
Jo Moore,
Ginger Rowland

Memorials/Honorary donations are gladly welcomed by the CMPL Foundation to honor those respected citizens and loved ones. Supporters and friends of Clearwater Memorial Public Library are finding this an excellent and comforting way to extend their regards and also place in perpetual memory those who lived/are living a good life. If you would like to remember someone special, just send your donation, name of the person to honor, and your name to CMPL Foundation at 139 High Country Lane, Ahsahka, ID 83520

(Added Note)
The CMPL Foundation volunteers are currently working to raise the funds for Phase 3! The goal of $221,000 was reached for Phase 2 with the generous gift of $50,000 recently from the J.A. and Kathryn Albertson Family Foundation. Help is now being solicited from local contributors in the way of labor and/or supplies, as well as with grant applications. Danielle Hardy, the foundation volunteer grant writer and project manager, is busy filling out applications and inquiring about additional help to accomplish our goals for Phase 3 and Phase 4. We are working hard to keep the entire expansion project under budget, and saving as much of our donated monies as we can, to make this new library a state of the art institution for Orofino’s future

Jo Moore, Chair, CMPL Foundation!