Library Lines for the week of Nov. 12, 2015

libraryLast week I mentioned that I wanted to share with your readers some of the names that appeared repeatedly over the fifty-plus years that the library was growing and bursting at its seams.

This group of dedicated citizens and groups reflect dedication and loyalty to their community that has endured down to today. The scrapbooks kept by the librarians over the years are filled with the fundraising projects, trials, and successes which many civic organizations, businesses, and individuals were involved in.

Organizations include: American Legion Auxiliary, American Association of University Women (AAUW,) Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW,) Jaycees and Jay-Ceetes (more about them later!) Kiwanians, Friends of the Library, CMPL Library Friends.

Family names which have stood up and out for the library include:

First Board of Trustees and members: Emory and Nancy Noble, Agnes and Dinty Oud, Nancy Oud, Nina Mae Jewell, Wallace Webster, Warren (J.B.) Gardner, Sam and Zoe Swayne.

Book Donators and Board Members: Bud Van Allen, labor; donators: Mrs. kachelmier, Stella Weeks.

Board Members: Helen Conard, Barbara Fridley, Frank Gaffney, Charles Johnson, Carroll and Lois Brock, Jerry Smith, R.J. Hayes, B.T. Wilson, Carol Ross, Molly Chase, Nancy Oud, Ruth Pearce (the first librarian!) and Eunice Merrill.

Volunteers who helped catalogue donated books included: Mrs. R. D. Werner, Mrs. T. M. Walrath , Mrs. Ruth Gilmore, Mrs. Edwin Oppliger, Farrol Joan Walrath, Carol LeeRoss, and Carol Amsbaugh.

Board and members from the 1960’s and 70’s included: Bill Crutcher (Chairman of the Board) Carroll Brock, Mrs. John Kunz, Vance Dobson, Mrs. June (Charles) Collister, Mrs. Aretha (Lee) Chilton, Mrs. Alice (Frank) Frost, Mrs. Betty Kitchen, Shirley Marsh, Casey Beghtol, Darlene Newland, Marvin Riley, Nancy McNichols, Joe Brown, Elizabeth Kouffer, Leonard Hawking, Jane Luebeck, and Everett Hollibaugh.

Supporters with donations and time: Jerry and Phyllis McArthur, Lee Simmons, Bernie Glaus, Jack Fagen, John Crockett, N.W. Pruitt, Arthur Una, Mrs. Lloyd Richardson, Robert Beal, Peter Swantek, Mrs. A. B. Pappenhagen, Mrs. Bertha Johnson, Mrs. Frank Randall, Mrs. Ket Hanson, Rod Newland.

Members of Jaycees: Darold Harris, Earl Pickett, Alex Irby, Chris Waldrip, Jim Burnham, Frank Howde, Ron Doucette, Bill Petsak, Mike Reeb, Bud Lias, Bud Lias, Jerry Franc, John Leasure.

Trustees from the 1980’s and private donations:

Moe Paré, Suzanne Calhoun, Librarian, Joe Lientz, Bertha Lough, Larry Sharrai, Dory Lee Engle, Jack Fleming, Charring Barton, Jane Luebeck Smith, Jim Hawking, Gail Crockett, Chloe Bachorech, Cecil Aldrich, Diana Colgan, Kitty Geidl, Connie Walters, Harriet Reece, Diana Hull, Mary Lou Cummings, Robert Spencer, John Swayne, Carol Dugger, Peggy Flowers, and Joan Knowles.

And the list goes on. How many names are familiar or family to you? Many of these names appeared over and over through the years, and I’m sure that there are many stories that could be told about the work done together and the good times they had. There’s more history to come, we’ve just covered up to the 1980’s!

Next week I hope to trace back to the now defunct Jaycees who were very instrumental in accomplishing the expansion of 50 years ago. Perhaps we can re-create some of their spirit!